Flickr and Photography

Photography has changed and evolved greatly over the years, since its creation in the beginning of the 19th century. It is generally established that it was an inventor in the UK who made the first attempt at capturing an image with a device known 1294220292_0c980ff96b_zas “camera obscura”. The name of this British inventor was Thomas Wedgwood. Wedgwood developed a substance that was highly sensitive and reactive to light.

Wedgwood employed sheets of paper and leather and subject them to a treatment by silver nitrate. However, he only succeeded partially, given that he was able to capture merely shadows of objects exposed to sunlight. He also copied some of these shadows and embedded them on glass. Also, reportedly another problem was that the images gradually faded completely. It is widely established that the first successful photograph was possible only 20 years later, in France.

Some of the many advantages of a web-based service like Flickr, that many other popular social networks like Instagram and Facebook do not offer, are the many possibilities in terms of management and upload of photos given to the users. For example, on Flickr, it is possible to upload pictures in high resolution, either from one’s phone, computer or tablet device. It is also possible to arrange, re arrange, edit and manage the folders at will, without the need to go through tedious steps as opposed to the case with other websites or popular apps, like Instagram.

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